No Major Problems!

What’s an Apopka sporting event without our Apopka Majorettes spinning and tossing their batons? The Apopka High School Majorettes have performed excellently this year thanks to the coach Ms. Quintella Greene and the hard work the majorettes have put in. The Blue & White got to speak with the coach, as well as two Apopka Majorettes, and got to explore the world of being a Majorette and what it means to be a Majorette.

Although the Apopka Majorettes only have seven members, they each carry the talent of ten individuals. Senior Ava Carrion tells us that she’s only been a majorette over the last year, but that she enjoys being a part of it and loves her fellow majorettes. During the football season, she and her teammates would go out to get food together. One regret Ava has is not becoming a majorette sooner, as she only started during her senior year.

Coach Greene tells us her favorite part about coaching is watching the girls grow. However, what makes them grow? How do they come up with their unique routines? Greene tells us, “We pick a theme, and then we pick a song that matches that theme, and then our captain and co-captain have moves that go with it.”

“I love the football games and performing, it’s just a lot of fun to be a part of the team,” Ava Carrion tells us. Senior Divine Johnson’s favorite part about being a majorette is getting to see all of her and her teammates’ hard work pay off when they perform their routines. 

Apopka’s majorettes are no joke! Coach Greene tells us one of her proudest moments is when they won gold at a competition, and it made her happy when the judges told them that they were improving. It’s only her second year coaching, but she enjoys it a lot and has no plans to quit anytime soon. 

Are you a Darter interested in becoming an Apopka Majorette? Tryouts take place on January 30th after school in the dance room. Here’s the permitted attire:

  • White T-Shirts
  • Black Tights/Shorts
  • Comfortable Sneakers (No Crocs or Slippers!)
  • Hair Slicked Back In A Ponytail!


If you are interested in joining, no experience is required. The coach is eager to bring in new members.