The Juice on Jo

The Blue and White got the opportunity of interviewing senior Jovanna Velez. We discussed her plans after high school, her current school involvement, and what makes her identity.

I was born and raised in Orlando, Florida. Something that I like about Florida is that we have access to many different beaches, but a con of living here is the bipolar weather we have.

Some clubs that I am a part of this year are, Minority Leader Scholars and Student Government Association. Some things that I was a part of were helping with homecoming, setting up the talent show, and digital distribution.

We asked what she thinks makes her identity.

I feel that you can choose how you want to perceive yourself and the reputation you build for other people to see, but a big part of my identity is my nationality which is Jamaican and Polish. I also feel like how I treat people and go about my day is a big part of my identity, because this is a reflection of my pure intentions.

I don’t have many hobbies as I used to, but I do collect shoes and I’m also learning how to play the piano. I also have a Youtube channel that I have recently started that I hope I can grow. I do have a really big attraction to fashion and hopefully [wish to have] a clothing brand in the future. I am very open to learning and picking up new hobbies.

My plans after school are to go to college and major in nursing to become a nurse practitioner or a travel nurse and minor in finance. I have always had a heart to help people and to some, I can come off [as] very bossy, but I just like to have control of situations which leads to my interest in finance. Having this under my belt can help benefit me when it comes to running my business where I can control what I put out for view.

Something that I have never experienced is snow, so I would love to go skiing in the mountains. Another thing I want to do is learn how to fly a plane, because I like the thought of being able to just hop into a plane and being by yourself. [To] see the world from a different perspective is a very relaxing sight and especially if I’m near beautiful scenery.

I wish that people knew that I am not mean (sometimes) and I feel that I may give this vibe off because I have a resting face but I’m actually very chill and I am very approachable so if you see me say “Hi”.