Better Late Than Never

The theme of spirit week this year was Miami Nights. It was originally scheduled in the month of September, but due to hurricane Ian, was later rescheduled to the last week of October.


Monday was Good vs Evil and What Goes Bump In The Night (Halloween Ghouls). For the first day of spirit week students had the opportunity to dress up either a protagonist, antagonist, or any halloween costume.





Anything But a Backpack Day or Fictional Character Day is regarded as a highly favored day amongst students. Crockpots, childrens kitchen sets, and dresser cabinets were amongst the various items Darters brought as a substitute for a backpack. One of the more popular items students often spoke about was the car bumper and motorized vehicles. Junior Aaliyah Arsenault stated, “For Anything But a Backpack Day I think the most impressive thing that I’ve seen [is] an electric car. Somebody was driving an electric car around, and I thought that was pretty cool and I also saw somebody with like a car bumper.”





Wednesday was the day of the Powder Puff game. Students could choose between representing a sports team, being a dynamic duo/twins, dressing up as senior citizens, or a variation of multiple. Most who chose to represent sports teams repped Florida teams such as the Seminoles or Gators. Some popular dynamic duo/twins costumes were Mario and Luigi, Mike and Sully from Monsters, Inc., and an angel and the devil, which 9th grader, Chloe Palmer, decided to do. For senior citizens, students often wore pajamas and wigs, while others wore masks. One student even dressed up as Dean Reyes.













Day 4, Darters had the option of dressing up as any decade they preferred, Greek gods, or as a kindergartener if they were a senior.














Crazy Blue and White Friday

Crazy Blue and White Day was the most anticipated day for Blue Darters. Junior Lonise Olizia stated, “[I’m most excited for] Blue and White Day because that’s the day that everyone dresses up most of the time and the pep rally.” Compared to other weeks, Crazy Blue and White Day was seen as a day to go all out. Tutus, face paint, and dyed hair were all methods used to show Darter pride!