Swingin’ Away at Softball

The Blue and White is taking a crack at the world of softball. Softball is a sport that is very similar to baseball, and also mainly female orientated. We interviewed two players and one of their coaches about what they like about softball and their overall feelings about our Blue Darter softball team.

Coach Jason Ramos has helped shape the softball team to be great. We asked Coach Ramos what his hopes are for this season, and he said, “Currently since we’re in the fall season and it’s just a club season, our hopes are really to get a good idea on the talent we have, so that we can have a really strong spring. We’re just trying to figure out where we’re at talent-wise, to put together the best possible team for the spring.” Every team needs improvement, and Coach Ramos explained that this team has room for improvement, too. “Sure, I think every team has things they can improve on; no one is perfect, so I would say everyone needs a little bit of confidence. Sometimes when you can work through some bad hitting, your confidence builds so you can get a two for one there. You can build the confidence and hitting but ultimately what your trying to do is just develop a team that’s comfortable playing, [and] enjoys what they’re doing [while also being] successful.” Of course, a team’s season record is usually critical, but Coach Ramos said, “[We aren’t] really keeping too close an eye on the record since it’s a club season, the score doesn’t really count for much. So we’ll just leave records out of it. We’re playing as good a ball as we can, and we’re getting better records every day.”

Next to the plate is Sophomore Reese Kernz. Reese explained what she enjoys most about softball and how she feels about the current season, saying, “What I enjoy most about softball is doing a play and being successful such as making a diving catch, throwing someone out, or hitting a bomb. It has helped me become more social and make so many more friends. So far this season is going pretty good, our team gets along and works together very well.” She said that her favorite game this season so far was, “against Horizon because we won and had such great attitudes the whole game. I also had my first diving catch of the season in center field and went 3 for 3 in hitting.”

The last player we interviewed was Sophomore Gabby Kernz. Gabby explained, “I most enjoy

hanging out with my friends [while] doing what I love [and] doing [the] most and just [getting] the thrill we get from playing. This season so far has been so much fun, and I’m excited for the rest of the season.” Gabby says that the best game was “against Ocoee because it was a close game and then at the end, we all got excited and [started] hitting, and we ended up winning.”

Softball is a sport of immense skill and fun times, and you should definitely go to one of the softball games and support the team. You can find the upcoming games below.

Tuesday 11/2/22 – @home – Lake Minneola

White (JV) – 5pm

Blue (V) – 7pm

Tuesday 11/8/22 – @home – Geneva School

White (JV) – 6:30pm

Wednesday 11/9/22 – AWAY – Geneva School

Blue (V) – 4pm

Thursday 11/10/22 – AWAY – First Academy

White (JV) – 5pm

Blue (V) – 7pm