An Insight on the Volleyball Team

Volleyball has proven time and time again that it’s one of Apopka High School’s most populous sports. With dozens of students every year trying out to make the team, only a limited number make the cut. The members of the team got to speak about their experience of being on the team. Many of the girls stated that their main reason for joining the team was because of their love of the sport and their teammates.

Giovana Moulder, a Senior, stated “I like having a sport that brings people together and I like playing a sport that I love with girls who love the sport, as well. I joined volleyball because it’s something that I love to do and I found a love for volleyball, especially after playing in middle school with all of my friends. [Then] we went to the same high school together, so we all just started playing together and had a lot of fun…Before the game, we will warm up in the hallway outside the locker rooms, and we love to do like little cheers and chants and sing all these different things just to hype us up. And then before we get on the court, we will pray and then we’ll do our cheer and then go off and get ready.”

Avery O’neill explained, “I like developing relationships with all the girls (or others) and getting to play with them. I like playing volleyball and wanted to experience it with the girls at our school instead of just a club.”

When asked what qualities make a good teammate, Avery said, “It’s really just good sportsmanship with your team no matter what happens.” Lyndyn Warren, a Senior, backed up her statement: “I think a good teammate encourages others and always has a positive attitude whether we’re winning or losing.”

As for the challenges that they face, Lyndyn stated, “As a team I think we’re facing challenges mentally when it comes to staying focused throughout the entire game.”

Giovana elaborated, “I think a lot of it is mental blocks that we’re facing right now. It’s getting ahead of the game and even though if we’re down points, we can fight to bring it back up,  but i think we lose some of that mental part of the game when we’re trying to fight.”

The Blue and White reached out to Coach Reyes and Coach Dominguez for an interview, but we didn’t get a response.