Apopka High Senior Week

Senior Week was pretty entertaining this year at Apopka High. It occurred during the week of April 4th-8th, and this year was a memorable one. Each day was humorous and unforgettable, and the credit belongs to Ms. Modesto and all of the Senior Class Council. 

Day 1: College and Career

Apopka’s students took a clever twist on Monday’s “College and Career Day” as we see a variation of very different careers. Seniors also received the opportunity to enjoy breakfast and watch the sunrise with their friends on campus.

(From left) Zach Hoyt, Tanner Chewning, Adam Chase-Azzaoui, Liam Anderson, and Christian Martinez dress as a group of sex workers, and Ethan Dean (in the cart…) poses as their ringleader.
UCF alumni Mr. Whitcomb poses with 2022 UCF college students Jennifer Cifuentes, Leah Khalaf, and William Cabrera.









Taylor Rebert smiles as she plans to continue her temporary career at Little Greek.

Day 2: High Class, My Class

On Tuesday, all seniors were told to dress in their classiest attire in order to receive cake and soda during lunch…and it was a hit! Many students dressed up, and students were able to end their night off with the Senior Talent Show.

Devon Zembauer shows his classy outfit between class periods.
Abi Felts puts a thumbs up in her business attire.
Colin Amatucci (left) and Jordan Hall (right) stand together and show off their outfits in the courtyard.












Day 3: Senior Olympics

Senior Olympics was a jam-packed and fun day. Seniors were told to make teams of 12 (6 girls: 6 boys) to help participate in these series of games with their friends. All teams did great, but the overall winner was the “ICE” team, with the “Pink Darters” and “Backyardigans” coming in second and third. Another great thing about Wednesday was the fact that seniors also had the rest of their day off if they participated!

Victoria Rangel, Sage Thorp, and Sara Oakley sit and wait for the games to begin!
Amiya Hunsinger, Gabi Garcia, and Bella Ramos huddle together prepping for the games.
Bryce McLean (left), Zach Hoyt, and Chris Garcia all pose together in their FF team.











Day 4: Anything BUT a Backpack

Thursday was a crazy rainy day, but that didn’t stop seniors from bringing in clever options for backpacks. The alternatives were interesting, but what was even more interesting was the extremely competitive after-school scavenger hunt!


Talk about “NO BACKPACKS”…

Day 5: Crazy Blue ’22!

On a classic Friday here at Apopka, some seniors dressed in our school colors, blue and white. Since not many seniors were dressed up in their “Crazy Blue and White”, The Blue and White didn’t take many pictures. However, everyone was fairly excited for Grad Bash at Universal Studios and, although it was packed, everyone had fun.

Courtesy of HS Sports