Spooky Scary Selections

Halloween is on its way, and The Blue and White staff couldn’t be more excited. With the Fall weather rolling in, the Pumpkin Spice lattes, and the super comfy clothing, this holiday season is one to be thrilled about. However, not much can top the feeling of watching your first horror movie of the season. For that, The Blue and White staff came prepared! We gathered our best Halloween movie selections to recommend, possibly introducing you to a few you may have not seen before. 

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The Fear Street Series

One of our writers, Savannah McAfee, believes the Fear Street series is one of the best to get you in the spirit! It’s a paranormal series of teenage heroes protecting their town from the evil forces that begin to consume themselves, and the people they love. Savannah loves this series because “it has lots of plot twists…and really good actors.” It may be one for you to check out!

The Intruder

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Carson Mays, one of our journalists says The Intruder is one of the best scary movies yet. This movie begins with a couple moving to the beautiful state of California, but things began to take a turn as a neighbor gets involved and creates havoc. Carson especially loves this movie because it has black lead characters, and it even has some sense of humor.





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Ghostbusters is a classic and is also one of Kaitlyn Collins Halloween family-friendly favorites! Ghostbusters is set in big New York City, where 4 nerdy scientists have to take on and battle ghosts, as some are evil, and others not as much. Kaitlyn finds this movie to be very iconic and not overly scary, but such a fun one to enjoy. Maybe you can too!




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Unhinged is a thriller that’ll definitely prepare you for this spooky season! One of our  staff writers, Cayla Pitts says this is one of her favorite horror movies. In this movie, a single mother’s road rage gets the best of her, but her consequences end up far worse than she could’ve ever imagined. Cayla says there’s a little humor, emphasizing that “it’s scary to the point where it just makes you laugh.”


The Nightmare Before Christmas

The Nightmare Before Christmas is a Halloween classic that is super thrilling for this upcoming holiday season! Many believe it’s suitable for Halloween or even Christmas, but its amazing individuality does not go unnoticed by staff writer Nate. This iconic movie is a mix of Halloween and Christmas as we

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see Jack Skellington discover the beauty of Christmas. Nate’s main reasoning for this being his favorite is due to how “creative” it is, as well as the twist the characters put on it! With its extreme popularity, most people can agree.




The Exorcist and The Cabin in the Woods

A 1973 horror film, The Exorcist, is one that’s traumatized many children for many years, and Mrs. Houvouras was one of them. Growing up she “about cried and could not sleep well for a few nights” due to how scary this movie was. Maybe it was the possession of a young girl that scared her or all of the insane sound effects, but regardless the movie is on her top scariest of all time. As a bonus, Mrs. Houvouras also includes The Cabin in the Woods as her favorite horror comedy. It’s set around a group of five college friends visiting a cabin, and as they’re visiting, paranormal beings begin to appear. Mrs. Houvouras says this is one of her favorite movies because she laughed through it just as much as she jumped.

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A Quiet Place

A Quiet Place occurs in a world where being quiet is the new normal. This horror movie is one of Elijah Nuebel’s favorites mainly because of its interesting plot. This movie is a mixture of sadness, horror, and mystery, and the perfect pick to spice up this Halloween season.

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Midsommar is a new-age Scandinavian cult thriller, and is one of Janessa Monchery’s favorites! Midsommar is about a struggling couple aiming to travel the world with some friends. There are many twists and turns as they end up going to a Scandinavian cult group. Things turn for the worse, with it being more psychologically thrilling for all audiences.

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Us is another great psychological thriller recommended by another staff writer. This story starts out with a family of four and their repressed traumas, which eventually turn into bigger issues and fears that they have to face. There’s a lot of plot twists and confusion, but Martine is a great fan of the storyline, the diversity, and the incredible acting in this movie.  Although it may not be listed as a Halloween movie, it’s another great one to get your wheels turnin’.

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