North Campus Newbie


Mrs. Connor is a new teacher at Apopka High School. She teaches the 4th year medical magnet class Biomed Innovations and regular Biology. Her classroom is room 411 on the North Campus. She has been teaching for 15 years at schools such as Olympia and Interlachen High. She told us she’s always wanted to be a teacher and loved teaching her younger sister to read.


What college did you attend and what was the experience like?

I went to Warner university for my undergrad/Bachelors in Education and I loved my experience there. I was a cheerleader and Soccer player, I got a scholarship that covered my schooling. I was editor of the VOX newspaper my senior year.

I did my masters from the University of Florida and loved every minute of my experience. I made some of my best friends in college. It is easy to make lasting friends in a situation where you are amongst like-minded/intelligent people.

What is the best place you traveled to? Tell me about it.

When I was in College I did a study abroad in Costa Rica (I highly recommend everyone do a study abroad while in college). I lived and studied Spanish and biological research for 6 months. I was a part of a sea turtle rescue, and did jungle research. I got to travel all around the country and have amazing adventures (like white water rafting)

 What are some things you do outside of school?

I love the outdoors. I kayak and hike often with my dog. I love to win a trivia nights. I am always traveling and take lots of pictures so I can come back and scrapbook them.

Since you’re a new teacher here, how do you feel about Apopka High School?

I feel very welcomed by teachers and students here at Apopka. So far the students have been very kind and willing to learn. I love how everyday I learn something about a student that surprises me.

 Tell us about your experience as a part of the newspaper staff.

When I was editor of the Newspaper staff, I liked knowing everything that was going on with the school from karaoke, movie nights, and bowling excursions to volunteer opportunities in the community. I liked organizing peers for stories and putting the final paper together.

Do you have any special talents you would like to talk about?

I am very good at soccer, I know tae- kwon-do, and I speak Spanish and sign language.

What is your favorite food/drink?

I am a huge fan of Indian food and I am obsessed with Boba tea (Taro flavor)

What are your favorite sports teams?

I play sports and rarely watch them…. but I am an Orlando Pride and City soccer fan