Bottom of the 7th for APK Softball


 The Blue and White revisits the girls in blue on the softball field, just before districts and playoff time. Softball has also been a prisoner of COVID-19, where the girls’ season was cut short last year due to the frenzy of the virus. This has not seemed to affect the girls’ play this season, with a record of eighteen wins and four losses in all close games. The girls also added another Metro Conference Championship this year, planning to make a deep run in the postseason, with their best softball ahead of them.  We heard from head coach Macwithey, senior Emilee Hunter, and junior Aubrey Evans on how they plan to continue their stellar season through COVID-19.

First, Coach Macwithey told The Blue and White that it is a blessing that they have not had any games canceled due to COVID-19. Although like any other competitive team, there have been some minor health concerns such as minor injuries and illnesses not related to COVID-19. Despite some minor bumps in the road, he speaks on the team’s overall success throughout the season, even with limited games in the fall. He said, “We have continued to get better every week after a few early losses. Typically, we play ten games in the Fall, which helps us get ready for the spring season. We did miss those due to COVID, which has made the transition of replacing the five seniors from last year a bit more difficult.” Underclassmen have been pulling weight for the girls in blue this season, with only one senior on the team this year. In closing, coach Macwithey speaks on his most memorable moment of the season. He said, “Senior night was a great night celebrating our lone senior, Emilee Hunter. Also winning all three games in the Montverde Invitational as well, with resounding victories over some traditional rivals such as West Orange, Boone, Olympia, and Windermere.”

Next, The Blue and White spoke with lone senior Emilee Hunter about how she feels her final season is going while still battling COVID. She expressed that she can describe this season as lucky, due to being a part of the very few softball teams in the area that have not had to quarantine. As the only senior on the team, it has been different for her. Emilee has had to take the sole responsibility as the face of the softball program. Although the girls are young, she has seen tremendous growth in her team this season. She said, “I have definitely seen a big improvement in the team since the beginning of the season; our first game together was rough because we didn’t come together and play as a team, but now we do.” It does not matter how you start, it’s all about how you start, and the girls in blue are a prime example. In closing, Emilee spoke on her team’s hopes of a long postseason run. She said, “I believe we are going to have a great postseason run. We’ve seen all the teams we have to play in the district, and I am sure we can beat them.”

Lastly, The Blue and White spoke with Aubrey Evans; although she is a junior, she has already committed to the University of Central Florida to play softball. As the team’s co-captain to senior captain Emilee Hunter, she feels that the season has been different, but not how she thought it would be. She said, “Everything still seems the same except for the masks, but we are outside, so that makes a big difference in the virus being able to spread. Overall it has still been a highly competitive softball season where you have to come prepared to play every night.” Even though Aubrey is a junior, she realizes just how much softball could be taken away from them and accredits the longevity of the season as her most memorable moment. She said, “Being together with all of my friends again and having an entire season has been my most memorable moment this year.” With only two games left in the regular season, the girls plan to handle business against Spruce Creek and Hagerty High School. They are taking the momentum from these two games into their neutral playoff game against Seminole High School.