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Getting to Know Nate, Staff Writer

The Blue and White is happy to have AHS Senior Nate Packard back as a staff writer this year. We talked to Nate about his interests and about a person who has helped him out recently and taught him a bit about life.

"I am very invested in researching the US government and US history. I’m a big fan of US history, and I think it’s a very intriguing subject and something I want to pursue as a career possibly one day. I’m also very invested in ROTC at the school. I think it’s a very fun class that also teaches me discipline and respect for others and helps me be a better leader and a better person overall.

[However] military history--it kind of like feels repetitive to me, like 'oh this battle this battle this battle.' I feel like outside of military history, the history of the country itself and it’s people is more interesting.

I think it’s terrible that there’s a lot of laws limiting what history can be and can’t be taught, because I don’t think the government should have that much intervention [into] what people can learn. we should have the freedom to to explore and to see what’s really going on and not have stuff censored.

Tell me about something that someone’s done for you that made you happy or that you’re very thankful for.

At work there’s a delivery driver named Esteban, and ever since he started working there he’s been like my Hungry Howie‘s dad to me. He’s given me the best advice--whether that be relationship advisor, you know, advice about how to deal with situations. He’s just always been a really good friend."

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Getting to Know Nate