Senior Events: Are You Ready?

As the school year is coming to an end, many memorable Senior events are also nearing. The Blue and White has interviewed students at Apopka High to gauge Seniors’ overall excitement for the upcoming Senior events. The Blue and White asked students about the following events:

  • Prom (April 15)
  • Senior Week (17-21)
    • Monday – College & Career Day/Senior Sunrise Breakfast (Grab & Go Breakfast – 6:45am)
    • Tuesday – Dress for Success/ Talent Show (6:30pm)
    • Wednesday – Senior Olympics (7:00-10:20)/Senior Out to Lunch (Pay $1 to leave during A-lunch for a Senior lunch. The location is decided the day of, by attending Seniors.)
    • Thursday – Theme To Be Determined/ Senior Scavenger Hunt (2:20pm outside the Cafeteria)
    • Friday – Crazy 2023 Day/ Grad Bash 
  • Senior Drive Through
  • Graduation (May 22)


Students can’t wait to Gogh enjoy Prom with the theme of “Starry Night.”  Senior Philip DeVita described this event as “a good benchmark moment. It’s the most memorable moment. I get to go with my date, take a lot of pictures, and hang out with a lot of people.” Senior Misael Jimenez is most excited for Prom since he is “not going to Grad Bash and [is] not into Senior week.” There are many aspects of the event that Seniors have mentioned such as the joyful and festive atmosphere, and the ability to hang with friends, dress up, and dance.


Following Prom, there is an event-packed Senior Week that is filled with outfit themes to showcase Senior school spirit, an exclusive Senior Breakfast, a Senior Talent Show, Senior Olympics, Senior-out-to-Lunch, a Senior Scavenger Hunt, and Grad Bash. Considering how eventful Senior Week is, we understand why many Seniors found this week to be what they look forward to the most. Senior Kai West believes he’ll have the most fun participating in the Senior Olympics because “it sounds the most interesting. I like that it’s an athletic event.” On the other hand, Senior Sophia Mateus can’t wait to participate in the Scavenger Hunt “because I think it will be fun to run around and search for stuff.” Senior Andy Vega can’t wait for the Senior Sunrise Breakfast “because breakfast is good and sharing it with friends is even better.” Nonetheless, we can deduce that our graduating Seniors hope to make the most out of their Senior Week. The grand finale of these events is Grad Bash. Many students have mentioned how they enjoy riding the roller coasters, killing time in the long lines, hanging with their peers, watching shows of characters singing, and indulging on the food. Senior Kaylee Rheinschmidt is excited for Grad Bash because “I haven’t been to Universal in a while and I want to ride the rollercoasters.” 


Out of all of the listed events, one must consider Graduation to be the most significant event. With the vision of walking the stage and moving the tassel from right to left at the end of the ceremony, we can understand why so many Seniors earnestly await graduation. Senior Nathaniel Packard looks forward to graduation the most because he is “excited to leave school and pursue [his] career as a military police officer.” Many other Seniors are indubitably longing to finish their four-year endeavor and obtain their diploma. Senior John Edwards looks forward to graduation to “get out of high school and go to college.” He will be attending FSU and majoring in Biomedical Engineering. Senior Lucia Quinones says, “I am excited for Graduation because that is the official day I move on to college. I will be with my family and I’ll be the first of my cousins to graduate, so it’s a big deal.” Senior Jackson Turner says, “It marks the end—a celebration of 12 years of school.” Many Seniors are ready to graduate and start their new chapter in life.


When we asked Apopka Seniors what they hoped to get out of their final year in high school, they said…


“As I prepare to be an adult, I will enjoy living with little to no responsibility. I want to be prepared to live the rest of my life.”

~Michaela Moss


“I can’t wait to get out of here.”

~Avery Saunders


~Kai West



~Carter Braun


“Moving forward is difficult, but pulling through it was worth it.”

~Lucia Quinones


“I hope to get closure on this part of my life.”

~Philip DeVita


“Beginning a new chapter of my life.”

~Jacey Bowman


“Finishing strong in preparation for a ton of more school. Survive the initial onslaught.”

~Brian Um


“Just moving on, you know.”

~Cael Anderson


“A quick, and sufficient way to the adult world.”

~Kanye Campbell


“Moving on and starting anew.”

~Misael Jimenez  


“Memories with the people I’ve been able to make bonds with. Hopefully, I will make those bonds last.”

~Andres Palmar


“Work do be like home but it ain’t very homie.”

~Brennan Bean


“Enjoyment. I hope to have as much fun as possible before college.”

~Maria Bonilla


“I feel like this year has already gone very fast. I just want to enjoy the time I have left.”

~Sophia Mateus 


“Lots of friends to share future experiences with.”

~Andy Vega


After reading these wonderful quotes on what the Seniors at AHS hoped to get out of High School, think of what your response would’ve been. What goals do you hope to achieve and challenges you expect to overcome? Think of the person you would like to be tomorrow and love the person you are now. For those Seniors who are almost there, we commend you for your journey thus far and look forward to seeing you cross the stage.