¡La Luz de Apopka!

Are you taking Spanish and want to give yourself a challenge? The Spanish Club and Spanish National Honor Society of Apopka High School is here to support the growth of the Spanish language within Apopka. Spanish National Honor Society describes itself as a group of leaders looking to improve themselves and the knowledge of the Spanish language through academic excellence and community service. Similarly, the Spanish club also works on improving their Spanish skills and their relationships with the school community.

What’s the difference though? One club is technically more advanced than the other. For a Spanish Club member to get into the Spanish National Honor Society, they must have a minimum grade point average of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale in their Spanish courses in order to qualify. The student trying to get in must also be in, or have taken, a Spanish course already.

Ms. Benitez enjoys being a Sponsor of both clubs. “I have learned to be a better listener and build positive relationships with them and to provide our students more positive and social experiences every year,” says Ms. Benitez, the Spanish National Honor Society Sponsor and Co-Sponsor of Spanish Club. This is Ms. Rodriguez’s first year at Apopka, but she’s been a volunteer of the Spanish National Honor Society for the past four years and is now the proud Co-Sponsor of the Spanish National Honor Society and Club Sponsor for the Spanish Club.

The Spanish Cub works with the English Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) department by taking new students that know little to no English and helping them through their introduction to Apopka High School. The AHS Spanish speaking population is increasing every year, and the SNHS helps and supports students to improve both their Spanish and English skills, and to reach their academic goals.


Ms. Benitez has worked as a Club Sponsor of Spanish National Honor Society for five years, but this is hers and Ms. Rodriguez’s first year with the Spanish Club. Spanish National Honor Society meets on the last Friday of every month, while Spanish Club meets on the last Tuesday. Sometimes the two clubs meet together depending on the agenda.  SNHS has forty members and the Spanish Club has thirty.

Both club’s Sponsors and Co-Sponsors can agree it’s been an amazing experience to help the Spanish speaking community flourish here at Apopka High School. They’ve both learned to be better leaders themselves as they strive to lead Apopka students to Spanish speaking success. Spanish speakers make up 20% of the Florida population, and that’s a big deal. So if you’re taking a Spanish class and want to broaden your knowledge of the language, then The Blue and White highly recommends you give either the Spanish Club or Spanish National Honor Society a try!