A Beginners Guide to Leaving a Legacy

Back in May of 2022, during the end of testing Mrs.Durham, an AP US history and Holocaust teacher, decided to give out adulting lessons to her classes, stating that “I gave them an adulting lesson on how to do some basic things in adult life that kids may have missed out on because we don’t have a home economics class or any kind of life skills class”. This in turn striked up a conversation between her and Erika Nunez, who was a Junior at the time. During the talk, Erika mentioned how “more kids should know about these things and maybe we should make a club.”

The Workshop Legacy Club, founded by Erika Nunez and sponsored by Mrs. Durham is a social club focused on teaching students about valuable life skills such as networking, how to create a proper resume, and financial competency to name a few. “I founded the Workshop Legacy Club, which focuses on pursuing the future while leaving a mark. We stress the importance of service and discuss ways to impact the local and high school community. Members associate volunteering with providing aid instead of hours. Additionally, we create fun competitions and activities to inform students about life after high school. We encourage students to practice public speaking and teach students how to address envelopes, create academic resumes, and write checks. After meetings, we vote on what to learn next, with topics varying from how to change a tire to proper recycling practices. Well-versed students are able to present knowledgeable subjects to the club. Mentors and teachers voluntarily educate club members on selected topics. Partnering clubs provided members with avenues for advancement through math and science tutoring. We aim to increase knowledge and provide confidence for the future while increasing service.”, says Erika.

The workshops consist of professional skills but also features lessons pertaining to art, physical wellbeing, safety, culinary expertise, etc. Since the club is new there aren’t many members. The first meeting is November 2nd in room 626 at 1:30 PM. All students are welcome to attend.