I’m Feelin’ 22

The class of 2022 will be one that is remembered forever, especially at Apopka High School. They have witnessed multiple state championship runs by our sports teams, been a part of some of the most influential moments in our school’s history, and ultimately endured a global pandemic. Throughout their four years of high school, this class has seen some of our school’s and the world’s ups and downs and with all of that; they have created a boat load of memories. The Blue and White¬†was able to get in touch with members of this year’s senior class and ask them one simple question.

Senior Olympics 2022
Black Excellence Week 2022 Talent Show

What is your favorite memory from high school?

Johnny Simmons: My favorite memory from high school will be Black Excellence week. Seeing our entire school come together in February will forever be the best memory to me!

2021 Football Student Section

Katelyn Prevesk: Friday night football games.

2021 Football State Championship Pre-Game

Rachel Decker:  Homecoming at Seaworld.

Christian Martinez: Starting Pizza Club with my boys.

Zaire Dalley: Leaving.

Hadriel Castillo: Homecoming, Grad Bash, Football games, after school hangouts, and getting to state finals in football.

Alexis Heinen: The football games ofc as well as the memories with friends.

Skyler Comstock: Being thrown in the air at football games and scoring winning goal for soccer.

Senior Brandon Johnson

Julius Cortez-Zamora: The football games.

2021 Spirit Week

Bella Ramos: A friend of mine falling on his a** while swinging on a vine at the back of the school.

Lindsey Grover: Training and coaching our debate team which has allowed them to have massive success which I got to witness.

Evan Kempsey: Lunch with the homies.

2021 Football State Championship

Taylor Cohen: My favorite memory from high school is probably going to the friday night football games with my friends.

Emily Murphy: When my friends and I would pull pranks on each other in class.

Joshua Reed: Listening to Mr. Russell ranting about how people who say they agree with socialism don’t truly know what socialism is.

Groutfit Friday 2022

Helmi Hietala: Going to the football State Championship in the marching band.

Omega Vongpradith: Regrettably, the Powder Puff Game is still ingrained within my mind, it was the only extracurricular activity that I participated in and was definitely a shift from what I was used to. It was a great experience that engaged me with very intriguing people and even though it was a draining and horrible experience, it was fun.

Julian Liu Daleiden: My favorite memory is cutting snowflakes with some of my orchestra friends. I also love Gavin, Shana, and Helmi (from band, my best friends and girlfriend) and all the times we’ve laughed together. My friends make me so happy and make me feel so at home. I love them unconditionally.

One of our many senior athletic signing days

Zachary Mostow: Having fun with friends.

2022 Softball Senior Night

Amiya Hunsinger: Spirit week this year.

Dylan Fuggi: Groutfit Friday.


Robin Day: Football games.

Kelly Ferencsik: Making fun of Mr. Houvi on his whiteboard.

Priyanka Harrypersad: My favorite memory would be senior olympics. It was fun being a referee and watching everyone play and have fun.

2022 Senior Baseball Players

Jamiyah Jackson: My favorite memory is going to the football games.

Colin Avery: Going out to eat at restaurants with friends after our AP tests.

Anna Acuna: My favorite memory from high school was the spirit week from my sophomore year (2019-2020), me and my friends had so much fun, we got paint all over each other.

Prom 2022

AJ Quinonez: My favorite memory of high school is senior parking day. we spent all day in 100 degree weather painting, and it was miserable. But by the end, we all got the spot we wanted and it looked perfect. By the time it was over, we all went to my house and jumped in a pool and the water never felt so good. All we did for the rest of the day was swim and enjoy not being in the heat anymore.

Prom 2022


Morgan Ormachea: Senior homecoming.

Israa El-Ali: Ms. Modesto first period.

Aubrey Evans: My favorite memory was going to the State Final 4 my freshman year of softball.

Anthony Demilio: My baseball senior night being able to play catch with my mom and dad.

Senior Anthony Demilio

Katelyn Townsend: Winning the Seminole game in overtime.

Prom 2022







Carson Mays: My favorite memory is being on the sidelines during the state championship game.

Now that you’ve seen the variety of memories that this class has created, you have a little insight on all that they have done in their time here at Apopka High School. This is just a synopsis of all that they have been through, as an article about that would be too long to write. We hope that everyone in this class chooses to embark on their own path and make a difference in this world one way or another.