Don’t Forget About the Art!

Apopka’s art classes are letting their imaginations do some amazing things this year. Who knew so many students were this passionate about art? These students have always had the opportunity to express themselves in their free time, but many teachers here have given the students more time to express themselves in their classes as well. For a chance for us to see these students’ artworks, The Blue and White went into a majority of these art classes and gathered pictures of their works.

Kathy Justiniano

AP Art 2-DĀ 

Mr. Houvouras teaches the AP 2-D Art class, and it’s always bustling with new ideas and eccentric minds. Rachel Decker, Kathy Justiniano, and Brooklynn Stearns are three out of the bunch we interviewed about their artwork. There’s a lot of symbolism shown in each aspect of their art sort of tying each piece together. Although they haven’t named everything, it’s not super difficult to try and understand the key points of each piece.

Brooklynn Stearns
Rachel Decker
Kathy Justiniano
Brooklynn Stearns
Rachel Decker







Drawing 1/2/2-D Art

Ms. Kish’s drawing class is very creative and unique for the students, giving them lots of room to grow. Ms. Kish shared a lot of the student’s artwork with us (with there being so many to choose from!), while also expressing that “many of these students are featuring some of their artwork in Apopka’s Art & Foliage Festival this weekend as well.” If you’re wanting to see more of these students’ artwork in action, make Kit Land Nelson Park a stop on this weekend’s to-do list.

Kris Gorman: 2-D Art
Liam Perez-Trinidad: Drawing 2


Iyannia Blackmon: Drawing 1





Digital Photography

Mr. Chabot’s digital photography classes are something we’ve heard many studentsĀ celebrate over. Unfortunately, since The Blue and White staff couldn’t meet with him, we gathered many photos and experiences from students and past students of his digital photography class. Jordan Hall says he’s noticed that “Chabot cares about his students and always makes an effort to help within the classroom.” This class uses resources like Photoshop, and lots of inspiration from past students while incorporating them into their words, as you can see below.

Maya Rangel
Bergelanda Charlamagne

3-D Studio Art 1

3-D Studio 1 is another art class held here at Apopka High and taught by Ms. McDonald. The classroom is full of unique projects with the students having every reason to show them off. We see a lot of colors and artwork using blocks or spinning wheels. This class makes some of the impossible possible! Ms. McDonald encourages any incoming or interested students to join “if you want to do a bit more than drawing or painting.”

Brian Um: 3-D Studio 1
Kira Toxie: 3-D Studio
Brian Um: 3-D Studio 1








2-D Studio Art 1

Katarina Wilson

Our last art class to shine some light on is Mrs. Ramirez’s art class. She teaches a mixture of

Rebecca Kadleck

2-D Studio Art 1 and digital photography, with many of her student’s artwork having a Picasso-like nature, and being distinctive in their own form. She teaches photography basics in her digital photography class, but also many different art-making processes in 2-D Studio Art. She utilizes “different types of materials and techniques, even including digital artwork,” and encourages students to put the time into her class.


Art fills the halls of Apopka High. These classes are full of excitement, talent, and community. Our art classes at Apopka have brought many students (and teachers) together, and it can for you as well. These classes will be made available next year, and if you’re interested take the leap.