Tellin’ All About Ben Mellon

Ben Mellon, a welcoming and bright student here at Apopka High, is taking on life and setting himself up for greatness this year. Ben has many plans for himself and it’s not stopping at graduation. Putting time and work into his car while prepping for college is on this summer’s to-do list, and he’s making it all happen while transferring jobs between Chick-Fil-A and City Fire restaurant. His kindness is acknowledged by many people, and many are excited to see him thrive.

What are your favorite hobbies?

“Some of my favorite hobbies right now have to include reading, definitely playing video games, and putting work into my car.”

How does it feel to go to school with your dad as a teacher?

“It has its pros and cons I’d say. It’s nice knowing the man who raised me is there and sees how hard I work in school. It’s also nice knowing my sister has three more years of that as well.”

What’s one of your favorite things about Apopka?

“One of my favorite things at Apopka is probably being a senior there, seeing how far I’ve come, as well as the school the 4 years I’ve been there.”

What’s your favorite food?

“As of right now, my favorite food would have to be barbecue. It could be ribs, pulled pork, things like that.”

What’s something you’re looking forward to finishing off this year?

“I’m really looking forward to prom, as well as my dad reading my name as I cross the stage for graduation.”