Volleyball Fun-For-All!

Volleyball season is approaching for Apopka’s males, and many students are excited to get it going with a strong start. The preseason just started, and with that we started interviewing! We spoke with Julian Gonzalez, Cristo Rojo, and the team’s assistant coach, Mrs. Sue Cevallos about what this season is expected to bring.

Due to the season just starting, there aren’t many updates on the team at this time, but the guys are still working it. Cristo Rojo, one of our esteemed volleyball players really enjoys working with his teammates Julian Gonzales and

Courtesy of Baden Sports

Devon Bolling, but “going against other people who go to different schools” is his favorite part. When asked the types of exercises the team’s does to prepare, Julian states that they “do some casual partner work” and “dynamics to warm up and loosen the muscles.” The team has had 2 preseason games so far and unfortunately they didn’t win, however Julian and the team are just using that as motivation to succeed. The team’s goal is to receive a states title, and they’re looking forward to making that happen.

Mrs. Cevallos and Mr. Rosario are the coaches of the team, and they’ve been working really hard to help the guys move forth with the success of this season. Mrs. Cevallos states that she’s always “loved helping the kids” and her love for the game is apparent. Her favorite part of coaching so far is the “loudness and excitement of the boys,” even if they’re just working together. She is helping the boys prepare for the season, and their tournament calendar is listed below.