The Formula to Achievment

Ever wondered what the smartest students at Apopka High School are up to? While some of them write newspaper articles, others who are passionate about mathematics will join Mu-Alpha Theta. Mu-Alpha Theta is a club here at Apopka High School focused on the different math subjects, sponsored by Mrs. Anderson in room 422. Jacob Smithers is one of those students with a flair for math; we got to interview him and he told us a lot about the club and what it takes to be a smart fella. Mu-Alpha Theta offers students who are good at math an opportunity to tutor their fellow peers to become better at their work.

Are kids taking enough advantage of Mu-Alpha Theta? Jacob tells us directly, “Kids at Apopka High School are not taking enough advantage of Mu-Alpha Theta, but if students were to take more advantage of the benefits the club has to offer, more assets would be required, but also there would likely be more positive increases in the average math grades of Apopka students.” There are 107 members currently in Mu-Alpha Theta, most of them equipped and ready to help assist you with your math work.  Jacob informs us that only about 40 are regularly active members. 

The Mu-Alpha Theta club offers tutoring every Wednesday for students struggling in any math subject. If you feel like you either need help with math or are willing to help your fellow peers, then head to room 422 on any Wednesday and speak with Mrs. Anderson. The club members meet independently on a Thursday once a month. Jacob tells us it requires a prodigious passion for math to be a tutor for the club, and anyone who joins Mu-Alpha Theta is expected to tutor. If you have any questions, contact Mrs. Anderson by email, it’s Jacob gives us this quote from Mrs. Anderson: “Students helping other students with math work would be a beautiful, mathematical phenomenon.”