Valentine’s Day Varieties from the French Honor Society

Have you ever longed for the beauty and comfort of a Valentine? A person to pass time with, or even someone to have fun with? Valentine’s Day is around the corner with a lot being in-store at Apopka High, especially from one of our most fascinating clubs: the French Honor Society. The French Honor Society, started by Mrs. Carder, shows the beautiful gifts of the French language and culture outside of our everyday classrooms. This year they’re doing more than speaking one of the world’s famous “love languages,” but also spreading it through this LOVE-ly holiday!

The French Honor Society has many plans for this year. They’ve collected canned goods for canned food drives and are focusing on some activities that study the French language. However, one of the most exciting activities they have is this year’s Valentine’s Day Grams! These grams are more of a “giveaway” as they are a sweet and free gift from the French Honor Society. Mrs. Carder wants as many students to participate, as this is only a one-time event! When filling out the document, make sure you have your recipient’s 3rd period and 6th-period room numbers, as this is when they’ll be delivered. Mrs. Carder also says that the gram will be delivered to “the recipient’s class on Monday 2/14. In it will be a heartful message of your choice in French with a piece of candy.  Students and staff who are interested will sign up from Tuesday 1/18 till Tuesday 2/8.” So get them while you can!

Google Document for Valentine’s Candy Grams!

While we’re were all excited to see the turnout of this year’s Valentine’s Day Grams, we’re also excited to see the progression of this society. Ariel Thevenin, FNHS’s secretary, states that she loves the group because of “the close-knit society” that has formed and aims to continuously spread kindness through Apopka.  They are pushing through and continuing to support the ones around them, through the French language or utter goodwill.