Appreciating the beautiful body you reside in poses tough challenges for many people. Everything about YOU is incredibly amazing, and it’s found in so many ways! The Body Positivity club here at Apopka High School is helping students encourage this healthy mindset by finding happiness  within themselves and the people who surround them. The Blue and White Staff spoke with Sponsor Ms. Greene, Club President Michai Whitting, and Club Member Nyemia Phillips about their hopes for this club.

Growing up, it’s oftentimes hard to find love for yourself when comparing and being compared to so many standards, whether it be through social media or in someone else’s presence. These everyday issues are something Ms. Greene hopes to change by “creating a safe place where students can come and learn that any body you have is a beautiful one.” Due to this having so much prominence in today’s society, Ms. Greene wants “…anyBODY, any race, any gender, any person…” to join this club if they desire. This club aims to talk a lot about respecting and loving your body, but also creating a healthy relationship with it mentally and physically. They plan to do activities of constant affirmations, confidence boosters, and fun games that tie into both.

Two students, Michai Whitting and Nyemia Phillips, have a lot of influence when it comes to this club. Michai, the Body Positivity President, touched on some of her few experiences she’s dealt with in their first meeting. She hopes to continue these bonding experiences and tough moments that’ll furthermore develop the community’s connections. Michai also hopes for everyone to “feel positive about their body” and

Courtesy of Health Magazine

see how truly incredible each and every part of you is. As President, her hopes are to increase this mindset in her club, and she’s already making a great impact. Nyemia Phillips, a member of the club, joined because of the positive influences from her teacher, Ms. Greene, and she’s already appreciating some amazing moments. She looks forward to absorbing information on how to “take care of your body and your mind in the process.”

This freshly-developed club is aiming for pretty amazing opportunities for its members and the people around them. Loving yourself may need a little help sometimes, and that’s exactly what they’re here for. If you are interested in joining this uplifting club, contact Ms. Greene ([email protected]) for more fun details. Enjoy and love yourself, you deserve it!