Say Yes to NHS!

Being a student of Apopka High School, there’s many opportunities and routes when it comes to success. Our school has many different clubs and activities that help us feel a part of something, and the National Honor Society (NHS) is just one of those. Our National Honor Society club is a club that pushes the academically thriving students for more and offers them experiences to keep up this great work.

Mr. Beusse, our school’s NHS sponsor, has been pushing our club for the better. There are a few requirements as to “who makes the cut” when it comes to academic acceptances here. A member has to acquire a 3.5 or higher GPA, while also showing excellent attendance and behavioral skills. As an NHS member, I’ve seen just a few of the great things we’ve continued to do for others.

Courtesy of Patty Cake’s Pantry

Right now we’re working on some pretty helpful volunteer opportunities. There are events being made available to us from food drives to campus clean-ups, and some of my personal favorites, marathons or decorating! The volunteer hours earned are also able to be put toward Bright Futures, just further pushing students in the direction of our awaited academic success.

Another amazing perk of the National Honor Society is the great experiences and bonds that develop from it. Not everything in this club is solely academic. Kayla Harris, a member of the club, says that one of her favorite things is the fact that there are tons of integration in which “like-minded people can come together and really make a difference,” with this being one of NHS’s main goals. If Kayla were to describe strong qualities behind an NHS member’s character, it would be that they’re very community-based and academically driven.

NHS has many great opportunities, and maybe at some point, you’re invited to join this great committee. Until then, keep working hard and keep pushing through!