iDesign, Do You?

This school year, creativity is booming! Thanks to our new up-and-coming iDesign club, students are learning to express some of their ideas. A recurring sponsor of multiple noteworthy groups at Apopka, Ms. Goldstein, felt as if it was only right if the iDesign club took flight this year. The club will focus on using Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and tons of other creative tools throughout the year. Alongside Ms. Goldstein’s great feedback about this newly-developed club, The Blue and White also interviewed two fresh members: Spencer Jones and Marissa Davila.

Having a love for digital art is something that many of the members of this club find themselves interested in, and Apopka High School Senior, Spencer Jones is another one of those people. Doing digital art and photography since 6th and 7th grade made this club a no-brainer for Spencer. When asking something he’s excited about during their time in the iDesign club, he expressed his excitement of “having fun with everyone” and “learning with everyone as the year goes on.” Spencer also believes that “contests and little events” will be a fantastic addition to the club. Most importantly, Spencer’s and many students’ priority is to create an art portfolio, and Ms. Goldstein is planning on encouraging that to happen!

Another one of iDesign’s new (and excited) members is Marissa Davila. Marissa’s goals for this year include pushing for future success as she hopes to “learn and use Photoshop in the real world.” Marissa’s hopes for this club stems from her own inspiration and hopes to continue with her Photoshop and digital design practices. 

Being a club sponsor for such a determined membership can also be challenging, but not for Ms. Goldstein. Goldstein’s efforts to connect her members with interviews and influencers within the field are a big plan of hers. This school year she looks forward to “to seeing what they create!” and is very “excited to work with them.” Another hope of Goldstein’s is to integrate the students’ creativity into our school and participate in contests to broadcast their talents. 

The iDesign club is creating a great sense of community, happiness, and fun for many of our talented students. We can’t wait much longer to see what they create!