Darter Pride on the Ride!

Spirit season is here and so is SGA’s new Spirit Wagon! The Spirit Wagon is a beautifully dressed blue and white cart that’ll tour Apopka High every Friday. They’ll sell unique spirit items such as LCD bracelets, shirts, and beads for everyone at extremely inexpensive prices. Since many of Darters are super excited, The Blue and White interviewed Vice President, Leah KhalafSGA member Betty Moris and one of our fantastic SGA sponsorsMr. Peters, to help give some insight on the cart’s future plans and more.

The Spirit Wagon is a unique idea, created by a great group here at Apopka High School. When asked how the Spirit Wagon boosted her “spirits” for the fun months to come, Betty Moris stated, “think it shows how much of a community Apopka High is and feels awesome to see everyone in similar colors!Betty’s opinion can most likely resonate with many students, as we all get excited about our Blue and White Fridays, pep rallies, and games. 

Moving on to Leah Khalaf, The Blue and White found that the Spirit Wagon has many plans for the rest of this year. When asked what SGA’s plans were for the next seasons, she expressed that the Wagon is not going anywhere. We’re going to rotate different merchandise, having each fit the season! We’ll make sure everything caters to what Apopka High has going on.” A great idea for a school so appreciative of these Darter pride efforts. Leah also feels that the Wagon will “promote school spirit” and “make information more accessible” for herself and her fellow Blue Darters.

Mr. Peters, the head of SGA, appeared with a perspective that many may be happy to hear. When asked what his inspiration was for the start of the Spirit Wagon, Peters claimed it had lot to do with “beefing up the presence of the spirit on the campus,helping everyone augment their spirit by using their clothes as a representation. As for any furthering of the Spirit Wagon, there are no worries. The Spirit Wagon will continue, just as Vice President Khalaf said, however, supplies will run out, so get them while you can!

At the end of their interviews, our interviewees expressed their favorite items on the Spirit Wagon. Leah Khalaf is super excited about the glowing blue wristbands, while Betty Moris is thrilled about the blue throwing beads, and Mr. Peters is happy about the new shirts and under-eye ‘Hoka Hey’ patches. Maybe after visiting the Wagon every Friday, these could be yours as well!