Please Don’t Stop the Music

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The following article was contributed by Senior Kristen Khouri:

For many people, music is an escape from reality. It’s a way for them to connect to something deeper and enjoy life more. As a student, kids have to deal with stress on a daily basis whether its school work or other issues they have in their life. Students should be allowed to listen to music in the classroom as it could be beneficial for not only their learning but for their mental health, as well. 

Music has many positive properties that have been proven to help students in the classroom while doing their work. A classroom can be filled with distractions that prevent kids from focusing on what they are supposed to be doing. When a student has the option of listening to their own music it helps them be more focused on the work they are doing for that class. This allows them to get the work they need to get done quicker and in an efficient manner. Another reason as to why students should be allowed to wear earbuds and listen to music is because it is a stress reducer. Many kids have their own issues at home and when they go to school it can cause that stress to build up. Studies show that music is a good stress reliever because it’s a way for the mind to escape all the obstacles and challenges reality throws at you. The struggles of having to maintain good grades and a life outside of school put’s a tremendous amount of stress on students. People don’t realize how much pressure kids are under to keep that perfect GPA and maintain the good grades they need to get into a college. If music can help take away some of that stress to help them focus on their work why would someone want to take away that opportunity? Listening to music has also shown improvements in one’s mood. Having a positive mindset is crucial in the school environment because if students weren’t in a good mood arriving to school they won’t have the motivation to do their work. On the other hand adults might think that allowing their students to listen to music is a bad idea. They feel as if it could be a distraction and make them focus more on the music then the task at hand. Adults might also believe that if the music is too loud it will not only distract other students around them but prevent them from hearing instructions from teachers or other adults. Although these issues are important to bring to attention, they can also be prevented.

Students can listen to their music quietly so they don’t distract other kids, be able to listen to instructions, and get their work done at the same time. Students being able to listen to music is a good way for them to improve their mental health and enhance other quality’s as a student. Music brings happiness to so many people in our community today and students should be allowed to enjoy that.